Nurse Fatigue

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Nurse fatigue has been a significant issue for most nurses that have extended hours’ shifts. Due to the fatigue, most nurses tend to make many errors that interfere with the safety of the patients they are taking care of. It is, therefore, recommended that the nurse shifts be of manageable hours when the nurses can deliver adequately to their patients (Seitz, 2016). The article that I have used on this topic, shows the impacts of long hours shifts that are conducted by the nurses in their places of work. For instance, when comparing the work delivery of nurses who are working on 8 hours’ shift with those that work for twelve hours, it is discovered that those that work for eight hours make limited errors (Welp, Meier & Manser, 2016). And the quality of services that the 8-hour shift nurses deliver is also high as compared to those that work for twelve hours. This is an indication of increased nurse fatigue for more working hour or work overload than the shorter working hours.

The article has more impact when it comes to giving insight to the healthcare organizations since it indicates to the organization bodies the value of having more healthcare nurses to reduce the work overload in healthcare. And also the article shows that the patients are safer when the duration taken by the nurses taking care of them is shorter (Seitz, 2016). To the government, however, it indicates that there should be an adequate budget that is set aside for the employment of the nurses in different public healthcare centers to improve the quality of medical care delivered to the patients (Ruskin & Hueske-Kraus, 2015). With limited fatigue from the nurses, they can provide the best services to their clients thereby increasing the recovery rate of the patients.
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