Nutritional Requirements in the Life Cycle

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Nutritional Requirements in the Life Cycle

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Nutritional Requirements in the Life Cycle Abstract The type of food individuals eats plays a central role in their health. Over the years, advancements in nutrition science have made it possible to pinpoint essential nutrients and dictate the required amount with regards to the target population. Consuming foods that contain these necessary nutrients averts health complications arising from nutritional deficiencies. Presently, the number of people suffering from nutritional deficiencies in high-income countries, such as the United States, is low. However, the burden of chronic diseases associated with overconsumption, poor nutritional uptake, and lifestyle choices highlights the importance of promoting healthy eating behaviors. The current paper provides a brief discussion on the requirements of specific populations in the cycle of life. The results show that the energy needs differ from infancy to adulthood, with the latter needing less due to reduced levels of physical activities. Interestingly, the requirement of proteins, vitamins, and minerals in normal healthy individuals remains stable throughout most of their lives. Keywords: nutritional requirement, life cycle, infant, childhood, adolescent, adulthood Nutritional Requirements in the Life Cycle Understanding the types and amount of foods to eat with regards to age, gender and level of physical activity is vital in maintaining a healthy life. As such, the current paper presents a concise discussion of the general nutritional needs for maternal and infant…

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