Ongoing discrimination against Zainichi Korean in Politics and Government policies

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The Zainichi are Koreans who hold permanent residency in Japan as foreign nationals. Most of them hold Japanese citizenship originating from as early as 1910 when the Japanese ruled in the Korean Peninsula (Beare, 2007). For a number of decades, the citizenships of the Zainichi Koreans have been discriminated upon by different government policies including the Treaty of San Francisco that failed to spell out the specific clauses regarding their continued stay in Japan. In an official revocation incident in 1952, the Japanese Government under the Civil Affairs Bureau in the Ministry of Justice affected the revocation notice thereby leaving the Zainichi Koreans with no clear status of their Japanese citizenship. This chapter, therefore, seeks to explore this ongoing discrimination against the Zainichi Korean in politics and government policies by exploring three fundamental aspects including the non-Japanese resident policies especially those regarding the Zainichi Koreans, possible factors that prevent the Zainichi Koreans from obtaining Japanese Citizenship. Non-Japanese Resident Policies on Zainichi Korean The implementation of the Treaty of San Francisco in 1952 caused all the Koreans living in Japan to lose their nationality. Since then, the Government has also been involved in formulating restrictive policies which do not only deny the Zainichi Koreans their permanent residency in the country but also undermine their fundamental human rights (Chapman, 2007). Some of the discriminating policies that have been initiated…

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