Police and the Institution

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Police and the Institution

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Police and the Institution

There exists a mutual relationship between the police and the six major social institutions in society. At one point in life, police officers marry, have children, and start a family. Furthermore, each law enforcement officer is brought up in a familial setting. In the quest to balance marriage and career life, police officers may encounter challenges related to marital strife and emotional problems (Palmiotto & Unnithan, 2011). In the long run, this affects their productivity, development, and motivation. Police officers have the right to associate themselves with any religious affiliation. Law enforcement officers should not be criticized or mocked because of their religion. The government can deploy the police to deal with members of a particular religious affiliation who have defied the law.
Consequently, police officers have the right to support any political candidate but they are supposed to remain neutral when dealing with crime. Politics has an impact on the decision-making system deployed in policing. There are several levels of authority that dictate how decisions are supposed to be made. Nowadays, education excellence is a necessity when seeking job opportunities. Police officers attend school and receive education similarly to any other ordinary citizen. They have the right to further their studies and enroll in education in institutions of higher learning. According to Palmiotto & Unnithan (2011), most offenders have a history of poor academic performance. Police officers should deal with students who are struggling in academics to deter crime. Police officers are expected to have attained the set academic qualifications before enrolling.
Additionally, police officers are involved in developing the nation’s economy by paying taxes, investing in viable business ventures, and paying for various products and services. As the global economy continues to boom, modernization sets in, and crime increases. Nowadays, most crimes are related to the theft of property because there are sufficient resources (Palmiotto & Unnithan, 2011). The government has an impact on policing. Nowadays, the government has created law enforcement agencies to deter crime in society. The primary motive is to understand the system of policing used in the US and comparing it to that of other nations.
Palmiotto, M. & Unnithan, N. (2011). Policing & Society: A Global Approach. Clifton Park, NY: Delmar Cengage Learning.

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