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Public speaking w2dq2

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Speech Organization
A well-organised speech is characterised by the following, careful selection of an outline that is most suitable for the topic, creation of a strong introduction that captures the attention of the listeners, and a strong conclusion that is memorable and reinforces the ideas presented, the use of supporting materials for clarification and ensuring smooth transition between the ideas being conveyed (Reinhart, 2013).
The organisation of the speech is important both to the person presenting and the audience. The ability of the audience to understand and remember the topic presented relies on the organisation of the speech. If a speech is well organised, listeners are in a better position to identify and remember points made during the presentation. The credibility of the message being conveyed is also significantly affected by the organisation of the speech. Listeners find a well-crafted speech to be reliable and the person presenting to be knowledgeable. Also, well-organised speeches tend to be enjoyable hence motivating the audience to concentrate and therefore understand the message that is put across. Finally, the person presenting the speech can avoid omissions of important ideas by properly organising their speeches hence making their speech effective (Reinhart, 2013).
A poorly organised speech interferes with the understanding of the message being conveyed. For instance, a class presentation was held on the topic ‘The Role of a Facilities Manager in Commercial Buildings’. The topic was poorly presented since the person presenting merely listed the roles of a facilities manager. The presentation failed to provide a clear definition of who a ‘Facilities Manager’ is and what is meant by a ‘commercial building’. The audience was left to figure out the definitions on their own. More so, the roles were not supported by any materials for clarification. For example, stating that facilities managers manage space is quite ambiguous and may mean space allocation to tenants or determining rental values of the space unless clearly stated by a sub-point of the main point, ‘space management.’
BIBLIOGRAPHY l 2057 Reinhart M. S. (2013). Giving Academic Presentations. Michigan: University Michigan Press.

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