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Public speaking w2dq3

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Speech Outlining
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Speech Outlining
Speech outlining is a creative process that enables one to identify and solve problems relating to the flow of ideas in their presentation. It ensures that one achieves the objective of the speech and is able to identify and rectify problems that may later become mistakes during the presentation. Outlining also allows one to determine whether their introduction and conclusion fit their speech as well as identify where they need transitions. An outline is the basis of any successfully delivered speech (Neale & Ely, 2007).
Outlining strategies help to overcome some possible presentation concerns including, the omission of important points, straying from the objective of the speech and a prolonged presentation. One of these strategies includes listing the specific purpose of the speech and the thesis statement. This enables one to stay focused and avoid accidental straying from the objective of the speech. It also helps one only to convey the intended message within the time limit. Secondly, one needs to arrange the main points depending on the design suggested in the thesis statements. It is also important to break the main points into sub-points and provide supporting material to ensure clarification of the ideas being presented. In the case where the sub-points are too many, one can combine closely related sub-points or further break them into sub-subpoints in the case where detailed points need to be presented.
The last yet most important strategies in a speech outlining are: creating a strong introduction and conclusion and providing transitions. A strong introduction captures the attention of the listeners while a strong conclusion reinforces the ideas conveyed. On the other hand, moving smoothly from one idea to another or from one topic to another not only helps the audience to follow the ideas being presented but also to comprehend the relationship that exists between them.
Neale, T., & Ely, D. (2007). Speechwriting in perspective. [Washington, D.C.]: Congressional Research Service, Library of Congress.

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