Relating a music dissertation to 4 other research frameworks

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Relating a music dissertation to 4 other research frameworks

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Abstract Multiracial and cultural awareness is an emerging need for focus in most title 1 schools, which requires music teachers to be aware of their surroundings. The most affected are the students from title 1 schools because of their cultural and financial backgrounds. The study describes the most likely reason elective programs are not essential options for title 1 students. It pursues to designate the amalgamation of developments or conditions that lead to most title 1 students disregarding music electives when they reach seventh grades. It will incorporate a portrayal of the existent advancements stimulating the alarming drop in the number of students taking music when it achieves the elective stages. The research will delve into the selection of specific methodology of collection and analysis of data, that will yield the best descriptive results. Moreover, it will explain the transformative process in which the dissertation can be converted to a descriptive study. Keywords: elective, title 1, retention levels, descriptive research, elective programs. RELATING A MUSIC DISSERTATION TO 4 OTHER RESEARCH FRAMEWORKS Ettinger suggests that most art research usually prefer descriptive types of research (1987). It can incorporate both qualitative and quantitative forms of data presentation (Salaria, 2012) that are hypothesis driven (Casadevall and Fang, 2008). The significant step in the writing of a dissertation using the descriptive research design is the statement of the problem in a precise manner (“explaining the…

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