SME Mobile B2B Application

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SME Mobile B2B Application

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SME Mobile B2B Application Functional Requirements Functional requirements are a critical component for company X’s desire to introduce a mobile app that would enable it to connect with its customers. The discussion below illustrates the functional requirements that would make the project successful. Architecture alignment. This involves examining the architectural and program needs for the new app. Zhao and Luo, (2014) highlight that an architectural alignment incorporates system features, and design patterns that create user-friendly interfaces. Personalization options. These are the features that should be incorporated into the app to make it look exciting and elicit positive emotions among the users. These include flexible settings, attractive colors, and fonts. Integration features. This includes how the application connects the customer to the company. The incorporation of features for the call, messaging, and tracking user’s interaction with the system can help to improve their connection with the firm. Cost-benefit analysis. One of the functional requirements of this project is performing a cost-benefit analysis of the development of the app. This is an activity that involves examining the cost of the project versus the likely benefit that is to be gained from its use. In this regard, the cost includes the project development billings, related training expenses, software purchases, and other support activities. The benefits of the project should outweigh the costs to be deemed feasible. Stakeholder analysis.…

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