Social workers and motivation

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Social workers and motivation

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There has been an unprecedented increase across the globe in the level of turnover among the social workers. This phenomenon has particularly been witnessed among social workers working in child welfare. This paper looks into ways of reducing this high level of turnover. It is true that numerous studies have been conducted in ways of reducing social workers turnover and subsequently increasing their retention in their workplace. This study aims to look into the organizational theories as one of the main factors that can be implemented to enhance worker's retention and thereby solving the issue of high turnover rates. Social workers and motivation For any social organization to achieve its objectives, it must have a well-established integration of various resources such as financial capital, human capital and the network. Of importance, is that human capital is the most important in the achievement of social services. There is a need for human capital to be highly skilled and qualified resulting in the need to retain this skilled personnel. The high turnover rate witnessed among the social workers has been described to be 10% to 50% annually by different kinds of literature. The diversity of the level of social workers turnover has been observed to vary among different countries. However, the main reason can be attributed to common purposes such as the organizational culture, the level of compensation, work, satisfaction on the job and organizational commitment. Organizations must find a way to combat the level of worker'…

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