Restatement of Hypotheses in Symbol Form

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Restatement of Hypotheses in Symbol Form

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From the data given above, the chi-square analysis gives the distribution of the variables and the statistical significance of the data. Planned number of animals and no plug does not affect group size is represented in the percentage form hence giving the fractional value for the effect of group size. The confidence level of the data is assumed to be 95% in the calculations. Planned number of animals means good group size is expected to be independent of the no plug results. Alternative hypothesis (Ha) shows that the high group size means the good planned number of animals depends on the size population being tested. Level of significance for the analysis is taken to be 0.05 while the degree of freedom as 4. Null hypothesis (Ha) assumed that planned number of animals means good group size independent of the plug results. Conditions for Your Significance Test Probability test involves rejection region which is taken to have an area of 5.643 square units. Value of the level of significance for the data analysis is therefore to be less than the rejection region. There is not enough evidence that the evidence for the 5% significance. The variables group size and planned number of animals are assumed to be either dependent or independent before the hypothesis test. The degree of freedom for the data is taken as 4.Chi-square independence is assumed to give the correct dependency of the two variables (Rice, 224). Test statistic and critical values for the data gives the evidence for the hypothesis to be either null or…

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