Summarize 3 Sermons from Acts

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Summarize 3 Sermons from Acts

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This sermon is given by Peter to the people who ran to come and gaze at Peter and John after they made a man who was lame to walk. When Peter saw the people looking at them with amazement, he asked them why they would that as if it was by his own powers that they made the man walk. Peter tells that people of how the god of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob had praised his son Jesus Christ of whom the people had disowned in the presence of Pilate. Peter tells the people that by God’s powers bestowed on his son Jesus Christ, the man was able to work. He tells them that the man they disowned who was holy and righteous and described also as a murderer was the one who healed the man to be able to walk again (Downs, 2016). The chapter also talks of the strength of Jesus that the man believed in and the faith he had in Jesus are the things that made him walk. This chapter tries to explain to people that the Jesus that they disowned in front of Pilate is the one who has the powers from God to heal every soul and make the lame walk. It also tells the people to repent and return to the lord in order for their sins to be wiped away in the presence of Jesus Christ himself. It also acknowledges that the heaven must receive and acknowledged hues Christ until the restoration period of all things that God spoke about through the mouths of his prophets from the Old Testament.

Sermons from Acts

How the Old Testament relates?
Verse 17, Peter says that he knows the people acted in ignorance just as their rulers did but the things that God said to the Old Testament prophets that his son Jesus Christ would suffer were fulfilled. It relates to the Old Testament in that, God promised in the Old Testament that he would bring a prophet like Peter who was to be heed in everything he said to the people, and in the New Testament, this prophet is Jesus. Verse 23 says that everyone should that would not heed to the prophet would be destroyed among the people. The Old Testament also relates to this chapter in that, it talks about several prophets from the Old Testament like Moses, Samuels and also talks of how Abraham’s seed would be blessed in the earth. It also acknowledges that lord god spoke through the ancient prophets from the Old Testament and that these things they the prophets spoke were to be restored through Jesus Christ’s coming.
Peter before the Sanhedrin (Acts 4:8-12)
About Jesus
This verse is about when Peter and John were taken in front of the Sanhedrin to explain how and the lame man walked. Peter stood, filled with the Holy Spirit and talked to the people. He explained to them that despite the fact that they are being called to account for the kindness act that they offered the lame man, it was not within their powers, but it was in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the son of god that the man walked. He pointed to them that it was Jesus Christ whom together with the people of Israel, they had rejected and crucified, but God raised Him from the dead to come and save the world. It also says in verse 12, that it is only through Jesus that can be saved, that there is no name given to mankind under heaven that we must believe and be saved in. this chapter praises Jesus as the only one anointed by God to perform miracles and that no other is from gods own choice (Acts 4:12, NKJ).
How the Old Testament relates?
The verse relates to the Old Testament when Peter tells the people about how Jesus Christ made the man walk, and that the stone that builders rejected, has now become the cornerstone. This is a verse from Psalms chapter 118:22, which exactly says the same. It refers to the fact that Jesus Christ experienced rejection and crucifixion from the same the people, but now the rejected one is the only one who is capable of saving the people from their savages and problems. And that no other name is higher than the name of Jesus.
James at the Jerusalem Council (Acts 15:12-21)
About Jesus
This chapter and verse talk of the gentiles rules that everyone must be circumcised. The Gentiles believed that no one could be saved without being circumcised. When Paul and Barabbas decide to go Jerusalem to get people’s opinions, most of them believed that male converts must be circumcised, and they also believe that someone that follows Jesus must still follow the laws that were laid down by Moses (Acts 15:12-21, NKJ). Peter also rises to tell them that God is not mad at them, that if he wants to give them the Holy Spirit, then nothing would stop, not even the fact that male converts are circumcised. He tells them that besides, that; everyone knows that the path to real salvation is only through Jesus Christ, our only savior (Pervo & Attridge, 2009). At the same time, Paul and Barabbas come into an agreement and start telling all kinds of stories how the newly converted Gentiles were faithful and filled with the Holy Spirit. James tells the gentiles how he agrees with Peter even though there would be a few things that the gentile would need to change if they were to be saved by Jesus Christ the Lord. These things include having sex before marriage, eating animals that are unceremoniously slaughtered, drinking animal blood, worshiping idols etc (Pervo & Attridge, 2009).
How the Old Testament relates?
When James spoke of how Simon described how God chose his people, he describes how God intervenes to choose a people that are believed to be his, from the Gentiles. He says that the words of the prophets from the old testament are in agreement with this facts in that it is written “and I shall return and rebuild David’s tent that had fallen, I will rebuild its ruins and restore it so that the rest of the mankind is able to seek the lord including even the gentiles bearing my name” (Acts, 15:16-18, NKJV) he finishes by saying that these are the words of the Lord who does these things, that are known from long time ago. It also reminds the Gentiles of what they should not be doing and that they should follow the law Moses that is written in every city from the earliest times of old testament and that it is also read in churches during all Sabbaths.
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