Sustainable Investing / Portfolio Theory

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Sustainable Investing / Portfolio Theory

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Analyzing Literature Review on Sustainable Investing Name: Institutional Affiliations: Abstract Sustainable investments define the nature of many business operations today. Adopting sustainable investment is the focus on the areas of environmental improvements, the social focus on the local community and the call to have prudence in the business governance for profitability. Business organizations need to adopt standards that would make their operations futuristic. The ESG (environmental, social and governance) sustainable standards also increase the profit leverage for the business organization. As a result, it always calls upon the management of every business that aims to remain profitable in the long run to tailor its operations towards the achievements of sustainable goals. This paper looks into the conceptual development of business sustainability development and focus. The paper takes the form of literature review explorations attempting to confound knowledge from different published sources. The paper explores key areas of sustainability including SRI and impact investments. The paper also explores the portfolio management theories and measurements. The conclusive summary highlights the key knowledge developed through the literature review report. Introduction Every investment is futuristic in nature; this means that they are made with the need to have sustainability. They are supposed to remain relevant and viable over a long period of time. They are important if they exploit opportunities available to…

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