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The word terrorism originates from the term ‘terrere’ which is used to signify the creation of fear. During the terror in the U.S, it obtained its modern form ‘terrorism’. The Roman Empire utilized aggression on individuals ranging from full-scale genocide to crucifixion of citizens forcing individuals into capitulation (Taylor, Fritsch, & Liederbach, 2014). Several of the non-state perpetrators utilized terrorism to pressurize their enemies through terror.

The aims of a counter-terrorism execution task force on the criminal justice and legal response to terrorism in the United States have helped in coordinating activities of the various entities that hold up the criminal justice responses to terrorism (Keenan, 2018). In addition to that, the undertaking provides advice and technical legal capability and assistance in efforts of implementing coordinated and comprehensive approaches in response to terrorism. On the future implications, Americans have developed great fear on the terrorism matter due to its increase through attacks. The public has expressed high levels of aid for other state agencies and with the government’s ability to handle the situation. The Americans are ready to approve the government to assassinate known leaders or terrorist of states that harbor terrorists in preventing terrorism.
On terrorism, I understand that parts that heave in terrorist-related concerns and arrests foreshadow a mounting radicalization of the American Muslim populace, terrorism analysts, and policymakers that seem to increase on homegrown terrorism (Korstanje, & Strang, 2018). Analysts and public officials have worries on the prospects which Americans face with the increasing drift of the sadistic attacks from radical elements inside the states Islam inhabitants.
I believe that the stakes for United States populace are a precise appraisal of the hazard of the Muslim home-grown terror campaign (Strang, 2018). An overestimation of the threat is capable of contributing to the implementation of the counter-prolific methods of terrorism, most likely, those that threaten for the alienation of the Muslim communities from law enforcement.
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