The effectiveness of mobile marketing in communicating brand image

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The effectiveness of mobile marketing in communicating brand image

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WHETHER SOCIAL NETWORKING-BASED MOBILE MARKETING IS EFFECTIVE IN IMPROVING BRAND IMAGE OF FMCG PRODUCTS? A FOCUS ON THE FOOD & BEVERAGE INDUSTRY OF THE UNITED KINGDOM (By: Student’s Name) Name of the Professor Masters Dissertation for the Partial Fulfillment of Master of Business Administration Institute 18th December 2018 Executive Summary The introduction of smart phones has revolutionized the field of digital marketing. More and more marketers are leveraging the benefits of marketing through the most advanced hand-held devices. Different aspects of mobile marketing are speculated to influence the interaction of customers with brands through innovative communications. There are different facets of mobile marketing which include messaging services-based marketing, video-based marketing, social networking-based marketing, and app-based marketing. Social networking has become the new buzzword of the digital media. However, the extent to which social networking-based mobile marketing influence the brand image and sales turnover of F& B (food and beverage) FMCG brands remain largely inconclusive. Hence, the present article explored the effectiveness of social networking-based mobile marketing in improving the brand image of FMCG brands with special reference to bakery products. The study was based on a mixed methodology approach and comprised of primary and secondary data analysis. Various logistic regression equations were constructed based on different facets of brand image and social networking based…

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