The Environment and Climate Change

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The Environment and Climate Change

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The Environment and Climate Change
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The Environment and Climate Change
Key environmental changes I have experienced or likely to experience
Over the recent years, I have experienced numerous environmental changes which have significantly affected the environment. One of these critical changes includes ecocide. The deliberate destruction of the natural environment such as deforestation and production of biofuel has led to the reduction of both food and shelter for animals. Orchestrated by green capitalism, Dawson (2010) states that ecocide has led to human suffering and great natural destruction. According to Schumacher (2011), the biofuel leads to environmental degradation something that has and will affect everyone. With this environmental change taking root globally, there is fear that global warming shall continue to become a threat multiplier in our environment. Our natural resources, therefore, face extinction even in the years to come.
Another environmental change includes the natural disasters such as hurricane and earthquakes which we have experienced and likely to encounter soon. Faced with biodiversity politics, Brand and Gorg (2013) state that clear objectives to create ways of reducing the occurrences of such natural disasters have not been developed. The God-given natural disasters can be challenged since they lead to harmful climate change effects (Dawson, 2010). Since there are no clear mechanisms laid to reduce such tragedies, they are likely to affect the climate which will, in turn, affect the environment.
Key environmental challenges in the RGV
A notable environmental challenge in the RGV is pollution. The drilling sites in LNG endanger the native wildlife in this place with the toxic air pollution that they spew. RGV enjoys a tremendous natural beauty full of wildlife and incredible bird diversity. The polluting industries brought close to the Valley not only affects the migration zones of the wildlife but also destroy the environment around that place. There is a significant link between pollution and global warming (Dawson, 2014). Therefore, the chances of RGV getting destroyed with time is high due to the toxic air pollution experienced in the place.
Another environmental challenge involves the deforestation. President Trump’s administration’s border wall is likely to split the park’s wall into two when constructed. The native forest will have to be cut down with its trail system likely to be destroyed to allow the building of the border wall. The deforestation will ruin even the habitat of the animals, and this will adversely affect the environment in RGV. Deforestation leads to increased level of greenhouse gases that are released into the atmosphere. Schumacher (2011) indicates that the effect includes environmental degradation which will affect everyone not only in RGV. The result is that the consequences of deforestation are going to be experienced even in areas around RGV.
What I do to reduce my environmental impact
Reduction of my environmental impact depends on minimization of my activities. A clear way which I focus on is by application of the three R’s (Reduce. Reuse. Recycle). The process has helped me in cutting down on the number of wastes that I throw away. Through the process, I have played a vital role in conserving the natural resources around me as well as energy. I also check my energy-saving settings regularly such as dishwaters and refrigerators. This has ensured that I do not waste energy but instead conserve it something that a significant investment as far as conservation of the environment is concerned. The processes help in reduction in destruction of the natural resources. Stopping the exploitation of the natural resources is vital towards the reduction one’s environmental impact (Brand & Gorg, 2013)
I have also stopped using plastic bags. It takes a lot of years for a single plastic to decompose properly. Plastic bags are some of the primary killers of our marine wildlife, and I would not love to be one of those who cause such killings. Through the petition run by Greenpeace, I believe that there will be an explicit ban on the plastic bags to save our environment and even the marine wildlife.
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Dawson, A. (2010). Climate Justice: The Emerging Movement against Green Capitalism. South Atlantic Quarterly: Duke University Press.
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