The Family

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The Family

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Articles Review
The article Age Differences in Dating and Marriage: Reproductive Strategies or Social Preferences present time context and preferences of female male relations with regard to selection of partners. Davis (1998) in the paper contends that Previously, older males preferred younger females, since they provided fertile reproductive attributes, while females preferred older men for their material advantages. However, these preferences keep changing. Younger males are continually searching for older females, due to material advantages and vice versa (Davis, 1998). Imperatively, due to high divorce rates, older females are searching for younger males for social reasons. Therefore, male-female predilections can never be considered primary among all genders.
Courtship processes have continually evolving. Previous expectations of courtship transforming into marriages are slowing fading away, and romance is becoming the driving force on the future of the courtship. Cere (2001) highlighted that the exchange theory provides insights on the genesis of the eroticism in marriage, and meaningful sexual exchange among partners. The disintegration of culture and evolution of ideas continues to blur the courtship process, and illuminate newer possibilities of sexually-driven relationships, especially with variations to heterosexuality.
The empowerment of women in society has influenced their capacity to play their marital roles with added capacity. Patriarchal societies have ensured that males continue to head the family unit. Imperatively, provision of child emotional support was vested on all parents. However, marital conflicts made women more withdrawn (Lindahl, & Malik, 1999). Differences in male withdrawal were diverse, especially by ethnicity, with European and Hispanic fathers experiencing withdrawal, unlike Africans.
Cere, D. (2001). Courtship today: the view from academia. The Public Interest, 53-71.
Davis, A. (1998). Age Differences in Dating and Marriage: Reproductive Strategies or Social Preferences? Current Anthropology, 39(3), 374-380.
Lindahl, K. M., & Malik, N. M. (1999). Observations of Marriage Conflict and Power: Relations with Parenting in the Triad. Journal of Marriage and Family, 320-330.

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