The Future of War

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The Future of War

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The future of war is traditionally an ever-changing aspect across the globe. Historians have argued that none of the previous societies learnt from history since changes, disruptions, or events can dent the forecast of the future. Traditionally, war relied on huge numbers of the military, especially during the European dominance. However, changing strategies of war required nations to establish new avenues to win the war. World wars elaborated the need for coalitions, advanced weaponry, and strategies to win the war. The World Wars led to the introduction of the scorched earth policy, aerial bombardments, nuclear weapons, block by block combat, and the establishment of strategic positions to deter bombardment of allies. However, the Cold War led to the arms race, which has continually evolved to encompass the superpowers and other emerging nations such as Iran, India, and Israel. Currently, the United Nations estimates that over 70 nations have nuclear weapon potential, increasing the risks of global warfare (Macias, 2018). However, the report notes that North Korea portends the highest risks, with its aggressive behavior putting nations at risk. Military spending has increased in the last 3 decades, with developed nations increasing their spending for military advancement. The US has increased its military spending from a meagre $614 billion in 2000 to over $700 billion in 2017 (Stein, 2018). Similarly, Russia and China, have increased their spending, focusing on deterrence and pre-emption with anti-artillery equipment…

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