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For many students, buying a paper sounds shameful. We bet you will change your mind after reading this. Struggling with different assignments isn’t a big deal. Students start looking for help online but unfortunately, often do not get the desired quality and result. When looking for materials on your own, you risk copy-pasting and thus, plagiarizing someone else’s thoughts. 

Our service guarantees full support at every stage of the process. Professional assistance will ensure you receive a paper that fully corresponds to the requirements of the institutions and individual guidelines of your tutor. When you purchase dissertation on our website, you can simply relax and completely rely on a PhD writer who ensures quality and timely delivery. 

The time-consuming and stressful process of thesis or dissertation writing is not something every student can afford. The wisest of them chose to buy dissertation in a safe and reliable place like our service. It saves a bunch of precious time, gives more sleep, and takes care of their nerves. Why wait to be stressed and run out of time if you can buy dissertation here and sleep well? 

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Every customer can enjoy nothing but one entire benefit. It is the best place to buy a dissertation paper because we do not sell pre-written content. Everything you buy from our expert writers is written from A to Z according to your instructions. Any time learner decides to order dissertation, he can be sure it is tailored individually.

A dissertation tailored to your needs and instructions

There is a stereotype that buying a dissertation paper means investing in something pre-written and generalized. It is not true. Just as well, you could simply download a paper from the Internet and submit it to your establishment or board. Needless to say, the result will hardly satisfy you. 

On our platform, we do not offer you to purchase anything that was crafted prior to your order and could be sold to anyone. After all, a dissertation paper means unique research and a significant contribution to the field of scholarship. If everyone buys conveyorized papers, the question of uniqueness and value for the scholarship cannot even be asked. 

Content written from the ground up only!

If you decide to buy dissertation papers from our authors, the price includes writing from scratch. It means that your performer will:

  • research the topic profoundly;
  • select the most credible sources;
  • prepare a detailed outline;
  • make significant conclusions;
  • refer to valuable scholars;
  • make your listeners believe in your essential contribution to the field of writing. 

That is exactly what we offer. No, our service writing company does not sell the same assignment to every customer. We create all content from the very first line until the very last one. However, our research doesn’t take as much time as you would spend doing it on your own. We reach the highest speed thanks to our expertise and proficiency. It allows us to work on every dissertation paper or thesis in the shortest possible time.

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Should You Buy Dissertation Online? 

The question is rather rhetorical. This is up to you only. We can only provide you with a few convincing reasons for which you can buy cheap dissertation. Everyone decides what he is going to do with the assignment on his own. So do you. Decide whether you want to spend days, nights, weeks, months, and sometimes, even years to complete a dissertation paper or you want to wait a week or two weeks and get those 130 pages without any stress. 

Avoid plagiarism and copy-pasting

Due to the lack of experience, many students make the same mistakes. They take the main ideas for their papers online. No one will post valuable content for free access. Anyone can download it and use it in their paper. If you do not want to be one of those whose dissertations look like twins, you’d better buy a phd dissertation from someone who has his own unique ideas for the studies. 

If you buy dissertation online, its quality depends on what provider you select. If you pick reliable and licensed services like our portal, you can be sure that the originality of every word is confirmed by a detailed report. When a smart writer is crafting a paper, there are no doubts that anyone else will have the same studies and submit it to the commission. 

Each word of a thesis is designed from A to Z by your executor. The cases when the same dissertation paper may appear in the hands of other applicants are excluded. All studies are drafted following your instructions. All topics and subjects of research are unique and they require specific approaches. We cannot afford to approach two different papers in the same way. That is against our dignity and principles. Only a tailored job is acceptable. 

Be sure to submit your paper on time always

Yes, we know that you run out of time. Our writers are also aware of what it means to struggle with any kind of paper. They have been students and have not gained their experience in one day. A good writer isn’t born either. All of the features like proficiency and speed are gained with years only. 

Therefore, we accept only those candidates who meet every single criterion on our list of requirements. If anyone cannot cope with a test assignment on time, we do not hire this writer. In addition, our system of work is built with the schedule of every performer in mind. We divide all volumes of work reasonably and wisely. 

If there are ten requests in sociology, we do not assign them all to one Ph.D. writer specializing in sociology. Thankfully, we have hundreds of specialists in various fields who can spread the work evenly. This allows us to achieve the highest turnaround time even for the most urgent orders. Well-coordinated workflow is the key to our success. 

How to Buy Cheap Dissertation Online

When it comes to considering dissertation for sale, do it without any doubts. If you decide to do that but are afraid the process is too complicated, let us explain to you how it works. It won’t take more than just a few minutes of your precious time. In turn, it will save you a bunch of your nerve cells, money, and those golden hours you can spend doing things you enjoy. 

Explain to us all the details

The first stage is to provide our service company with a list of details about your order. Please, submit:

  • the type of paper;
  • its timelines;
  • your academic level — M.D. or Ph.D.;
  • the subject;
  • your topic (if any);
  • required volume;
  • pick extra features if necessary;
  • upload additional instructions (if any).

Proceed with the payment

The payment is required for the writer to start the process. This is an escrow that will guarantee the writer will not complete his work without payment. No worries, the executor is not paid until you confirm you are happy with the quality of your paper. 

The payments are done using one of our convenient payment options. All of them are safe and no recurring payments ever happen. The request is made and the ordering process is over. Once we see your order, we process your request. 

Have your executor assigned

Congratulations! You buy dissertation now. The procedure isn’t over though. First, we must promptly find the most suitable performer with a related degree, experience, and free time. You are informed about the selected writer and the process begins! 

We do not mind you communicating with your writing assistance. You both have to discuss a lot of details yet. The writer usually wonders about other aspects, your viewpoint, and extra wishes. Just enjoy it and participate in it if necessary!

Download your masterpiece!

Your paper order is complete and you are promptly notified about it. Our writing service provides you with enough time to check everything. Make sure your instructions are met. Check the uniqueness and structure. See if the list of references meets your expectations. If you are happy, let us know and allow your writer to be rewarded.

Do you need buy dissertation?

Approach our service and get top-quality work written from scratch strictly on time!

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Want to improve anything? No worries, be in touch with us or the executor again and share your thoughts. Let us make the necessary amendments if you wish. Our only goal is to meet the requests of each learner. 

Buy a PhD Dissertation From Our Expert Team

If you buy a dissertation online on some unverified or unauthorized website, you must be ready that the provided service and quality will hardly be what you expect. Most likely, you will waste money on a pre-written paper on a related topic. Just a few lines will be changed and you will get a template with headings that relate to your topic. This happens all over the place. 

Request your paper from someone who knows his business well and delivers content written from scratch. Our employees are:

  • native English speakers;
  • M.D. and Ph.D. owners’
  • Experienced writers in dissertation, thesis, and proposal creation;
  • providing evidence of their experience and excellent knowledge of English. 

Each employee proves his qualification

Before receiving his first order, each of our specialists is only a candidate. The candidates pass an extremely strict selection. We ask them to:

  • pass a personal interview to verify their identities;
  • write a thorough test in English to check their knowledge of the language;
  • write a test assignment to show their skills;
  • provide evidence of their experience, in some cases, recommendations;
  • submit the originals of their diplomas to check the truth about their degrees.

You might be shocked but only 15% of all candidates to become our writers pass all five stages and finally receive a job in our service company. If you request your assignment on a freelance platform, you will never meet anyone who would meet such criteria. 

Buy a Dissertation Safely!

Your security matters. We value the privacy of every client. If you buy a dissertation paper from us, your data remains confidential. No one will learn about your experience with our service company. Third parties do not have any access to our database. Your information is kept strictly on your account. 

Moreover, you provide only the data you want us to see. We do not require your ID or postal address. Share your name and contact information so we could get in touch with you. Our payments are also encrypted and you never risk disclosing your bank information. 

Our crew includes not only writers

When you write a paper on your own, the editing stage is often omitted. We bet it’s very difficult to craft and edit your own content. It doesn’t happen to our writers. We have plenty of professionals in our big team. 

Each executor is working in collaboration with a native proofreader and professional editor. When you order dissertation online, the process isn’t over when the writer finishes it. A proofreader takes a fresh look at your paper. All wishes are expressed. An editor, in turn, follows the recommendations of a proofreader and improves the flaws. Structure, format, vocabulary, references, and other aspects are polished.

    Which card can I use during buy a dissertation?
    Our platform supports all debit and credit cards issued by the major card systems – Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, and Discover. We use trusted international payment processors to ensure payment safety. So, you won’t risk anything if you turn to us for help and buy dissertation of the highest quality from skillful writers.
    How do I order a dissertation?
    You should order dissertation online on our official website. Click the “Order Now” button – you will see it on every website page. The ordering form opens for you to fill out. Specify the type of writing service to buy – your dissertation paper. Pay attention that you may choose to order either the full paper or separate dissertation chapters. Make sure to define it. Provide the subject and the topic (it is allowed to leave the topic optional, as our writer may suggest a different, more interesting one). Define the size of the paper, the deadline, and additional parameters, such as the formatting style or other services to buy. Add your instructions. The more detailed they are, the better, as it helps our service to understand your needs precisely. After that, make an online payment, and we’ll contact you immediately.
    Is it safe to buy dissertation at TheDissertation?
    Yes, it is 100% safe. First of all, we use advanced digital security means to protect you when you buy dissertation online – all your traffic is encrypted. No hacker could possibly intercept any of your details. Second, we are concerned about your privacy. We don’t collect your personal information. There is only the minimum of data we need to deliver the service online. We keep that data encrypted and guarantee no one can access it. All our cooperation and communication are anonymous. Third, we guarantee to compose an original paper on your request. Each paper comes from scratch, with new research, analysis, outlining, and writing. Writers also check the result for plagiarism with the most advanced online service. The resulting paper will pass any check, so you are free to submit it immediately. Finally, we have a money-back guarantee for our users. You won’t lose your money if you purchase a thesis paper or any other academic paper.
    Can I buy dissertation papers using PayPal?
    Yes, we support PayPal for buying dissertation paper – you may use your account to buy this service. Also, we accept payments by credit and debit cards.