Concept Of Dissertation Results

Summary of results dissertation results. At this stage, organize, systematize, verify or perform statistical evaluation of the collected materials. In the future, they are given a form convenient for analysis (tables, graphs, mathematical formulas, equations, etc.). The consolidated results of the study may be inaccurate or statistically significant. Given this, it is necessary to collect additional research material by conducting research (observation, measurement, experiment, etc.) under the same conditions as the main ones.

Experienced data are analyzed in comparison with the research hypothesis. The comparison results cover such possible cases:

Even negative research results have their value, so their importance should not be underestimated. In many cases, they help correctly change the researcher’s understanding of the objects, processes, or phenomena under study.

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Dissertation Results Help

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Dissertation Results Chapter

The text of the central part of the dissertation is divided into sections, subsections, paragraphs, and subsections. The dissertation results chapter starts on a new page. Each article’s main text may be accompanied by a brief preface with a description of the chosen direction of research and justification of the research methods used.

In the course of work on the dissertation, the applicant’s attention is increasingly focused on systematization and streamlining of their disparate results and their subsequent organization into a single scientific work. According to this, the next essential steps in action on the dissertation are to clarify the decisions of dozens of general scientific problems of the dissertation research and the main provisions to be submitted for defense.

Dissertation results section, the main recommendations for the applicant are:

Writing Results Section Dissertation

When writing the results section dissertation, it is necessary to assert its priority in obtaining new scientific results, trying to publish as soon as possible reports on the emergence of a new scientific idea and submit a result of research that has novelty. The text of the dissertation should be worked out in such a way as to achieve complete clarity as to how this or that element belongs to the applicant personally, and which — to other authors.

About the qualification of the thesis, emphasis should be placed on new scientific findings that contribute to science. New experimental results that constitute contributions to the practice should be regarded as strong evidence of the significance of the applicant’s achievements that have enriched the underlying science. Go beyond the limits of the possible, good luck!