The general importance of dissertation results

Dissertation is a big research report that should show certain results of a student’s work. According to the academic requirements a dissertation consists of several sections, such as hypothesis, introduction, practical part (that describes research methods), discussion, conclusions, and dissertation results. There are strict regulations in terms of length and structure of each chapter. Since a dissertation is based on research it has to provide some findings that will allow us to produce solutions for a problem that was raised in a key statement section of a paper. There are different types of hypotheses that depend on various kinds of variables.

Answering the question “how to write a dissertation results chapter?”

Before writing results for dissertation, it is recommended to find out what actually this PhD section is about. It is considered the most valuable part of a dissertation since it delivers the results of research in the form of findings, charts, and tables. They all are based on the scientific data that was previously collected and analyzed by an author. In this section students also specify misconceptions that researchers may come across while studying the specific problem. One of the main purposes of a results section is to check whether a writer is able to determine the most essential things in the huge amount of studied information. 

In contrast with a discussion part where text content dominates in general, the results section of a dissertation largely concentrates on statistical data, actual figures, and in certain cases mathematical calculations. Quite often the findings section contains the results of tests, polls, and surveys that are related to the relevant topic. That is, the aim of this chapter is to show professors and supervisors what was found out as a result of research and how this outcome was achieved. In this section you can briefly repeat the arguments that you used in the discussion part to support the outcome. 

Creating the results chapter dissertation avoid presenting your own or someone else’s points of view as well as subjective opinion on various aspects. This part of a dissertation is mainly focused on the commonly recognized facts. Anyway, it is recommended to ask your dissertation supervisor if it is allowed to add comments into the results section. Do not forget to emphasize relationships between independent and dependent variables introduced in the starting block of a dissertation. 

Writing the block with main findings of research students often struggle deciding what is relevant and what is not. Make sure that you include sentences that are related to theories written in the introduction block or a hypothesis. The main purpose of this section is to give supervisors an opportunity to test if candidates for receiving a doctor’s degree are capable of proving their statements based on research of scientific materials and official statistics.

Requirements in terms of structure to writing dissertation results

Prior to working on a findings chapter it is crucial to get a clear understanding of its structure. The typical results section consist of the following elements:

In the first block of this section the scientific methods should be listed as well as the explanations of how they were implemented. Make sure that the method is relevant to statements that were made in the introduction section. 

Remember that the results part of either a thesis or a dissertation must be written exclusively in the past tense. It is one of the most significant styling requirements, because professors assume that it has already been done by a graduation candidate. 

Then a student should provide statistical figures, graphs and tables related to a studied subject. This information proves that research is performed based on the actual figures and universally recognized scientific facts.

The following fragment of the results chapter contains a short explanation of findings that a writer made when creating a dissertation. It is important to state how these findings can be used for making improvements in problematic aspects.   

When writing results chapter of dissertation an author should focus on quantitative analyses rather than qualitative. It means that students should avoid specifying personal opinions and points of view in a dissertation results section

The findings part is followed by the conclusions section where students have to express their own thoughts on how the research results should be implemented in practice. Try not to make any conclusions telling about the results of your studies, because it is irrelevant in the present block of a dissertation. 

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Useful practical tips for writing dissertation results


Before working on this section of a dissertation detailed and meticulous research should be done on an assigned topic. It is recommended to analyze both traditional books and online data sources to deliver impressive results. The more material a candidate for becoming a doctor will review, the greater is a chance that he/she receives a good grade for an academic project.

In order not to get caught for plagiarism, use a couple of online text originality verification services. It is also recommended to analyze the text of your dissertation with grammar-checking and word-counting tools. Certain universities impose strict requirements in terms of the results section length. 

Creating a dissertation results chapter a student should have in mind the variables that were stated in the hypothesis of a paper. Evaluating a project the university personnel primarily pays attention to how an author proved the statements that were indicated in the introduction part. Implement numerous research method that will make it more complete and substantial. 

If you are not sure of some aspects, you can read tips for writing dissertation results on various academic websites that are available on the Internet.  Discuss both the paper structure and the university requirements with a supervisor you are assigned to since it may help you avoid mistakes and make everything correctly with a first attempt.

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