Dissertation conclusion chapter: the last but not the least

Every dissertation or thesis ends up with a chapter where students write conclusions based on the research they did. Even if this section is the final one, no one should underestimate its importance. It is well known that the last performance generally makes a greater impression and stays in people’s memory for longer. Therefore, the conclusion chapter should convince academic personnel that your study brought significant results and was not in vain.

Basic information on how long should a dissertation conclusion be

It is important to bear in mind that each university may impose its own restrictions in terms of the dissertation conclusion length. But commonly this chapter should be up to 25% of a whole paper. Other experts say that it should not be bigger than two and a half thousand words. 

Even though some supervisors demand strict following of volume restrictions, the most critical thing is that this section should be informative and convincing. It is not about theoretical discussions, a student should focus on providing the ways of practical implementation of their findings. If research was really successful, then its results can help solve the problems that were specified in the introduction chapter of a dissertation. 


Main recommendations of how to write dissertation conclusion

The first recommendation is about trying to make the research conclusion chapter as positive as possible. Students have to prove to their professors that a study was successful and the obtained outcome is both impressive and useful in practice. Avoid mentioning any mistakes that were made in the process of research. 

Write more about the significance of the topic you are assigned to and the findings that you came to while doing the study. Tell the audience how the results you have got can be considered an answer to questions raised in a hypothesis. Remember that this section gives you an opportunity to convince everyone who will read it that your dissertation deserves to receive a high score. 

Another important aspect: this chapter should leave an impression that a project is complete. Readers have to feel that you used all methods to do deep research on a given issue. In the conclusion section there should be no questions, but only answers that are clear and convincing. 

It will be a good idea to summarize the most essential thoughts and points of view that were previously stated in the discussion or the findings chapter. Your supervisor should see that your study has brought the real outcome that is somehow valuable for science. 

Writing dissertation conclusion, don’t be afraid to repeat the main statement that you wrote in the introduction part. Academic staff should have a clear understanding of what task you were trying to solve doing research on a certain subject. Your main goal within this chapter is to prove that a hypothesis of your dissertation is actually correct.

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Brief description of a dissertation conclusion structure

The first part of a dissertation conclusion chapter generally contains the reminder of what is the main statement of a paper. It repeats the questions that research should deliver answers to. It is recommended making it as short as possible,

Writing a dissertation conclusion, do not forget to list academic methods that were employed in your study. Specify how they helped you to come up to the findings that were drawn up by you. Remind the supervisor of what your research was based on. If the conclusion part seems to be too long, revise it. and remove sentences that don’t make much sense. 

The ultimate block of a conclusion chapter should provide recommendations on how the results of a study can be used to make improvements to the problematic issues that your dissertation focuses on. These final statements should impress the university personnel, so that you receive a good grade for your PhD. It is recommended to discuss a dissertation conclusion structure with your supervisor.

The importance of dissertation conclusion chapter

Many students think that if they wrote more than 70% of a required dissertation volume, then the job is done. Though in fact, it is totally wrong. Lots of academic experts believe that the conclusion chapter is the most essential part of a thesis. There is even a theory stating that most professors read only the introduction and the conclusion section. 

There is no better way to prove to the readers that your study delivered the real and practically useful results. Before writing a conclusion in a dissertation look through it once again to see what is worth adding to the final chapter. The clearer and the more convincing the conclusions that were made by an author, the bigger is a chance to score enough points with your dissertation.

An overview of dissertation conclusion tips

Keep in mind that to write a good dissertation conclusion chapter is not an easy task. It takes as much time and effort as the research process itself. It is recommended to make a plan of this chapter prior to beginning work on it. Check the list of methods that you implemented to make a study since it can remind you of some thoughts that you would like to include in the ultimate chapter of the dissertation. 

Browsing the Web, people can find lots of websites that provide helpful advice about creating various academic papers. They explain in detail what each chapter should be like as well as inform about common styling and formatting requirements. You may also ask for dissertation conclusion tips from supervisors and other students of your group. Some of them have more experience in writing a conclusion part of a dissertation. Anyway, study the list of requirements and restrictions before you start writing each section of your paper, including a conclusion for dissertation.   

What to pay attention at when making conclusion and recommendations in dissertation

The most crucial thing in writing a final chapter is to summarize the findings of the research. This chapter should make a reader feel delighted and impressed with the quality of a scientific study. Actually, the success of your whole PhD largely depends on the conclusions that you came up with. 

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Doing the research, an author analyzes the data gathered from various sources and puts out a number of questions for an argument. According to scientific proofs such as statistical figures, tables, and charts an expert makes certain findings that either confirm or deny the initial statements. After analyzing these findings several conclusions have to be made containing propositions of practical implementation of the research results. Before submitting a paper, look through general requirements to conclusion and recommendations in dissertation.

When checking a PhD professors and supervisors study the conclusion chapter to define whether a study was successful or not. It is obvious that this section of a dissertation makes a great influence on the total number of points scored by a student. Therefore, if you don’t have an idea about how to write it, better turn to professional dissertation writing services for help. Avoid writing too many paragraphs in this chapter, your conclusions must be clear and more or less brief. It should be only about how the findings that were made in the process of study can solve the stated problems and improve the general situation in the field of research. Your conclusions have to convince all readers that you have found practical solutions for a certain issue.