How to write a proper dissertation abstract

Now and then people get a task to write a dissertation abstract. Some of them don’t have an experience of writing this type of paper. Before writing it is recommended to clarify the academic requirements to this project. An author should know what type of paper this is and what is the purpose of creating it. A quality abstract is one of the key factor of a successful PhD. 

Today you can find many websites that give tips and recommendations for making an excellent abstract. Besides, you can ask for other students’ help. If you don’t have enough time for doing this job or you find it too difficult to prepare this paper yourself, address this problem to a professional content creation agency. They always have solutions for your academic problems and are willing to help you. 

Explanation of what is an abstract in a dissertation

The dissertation abstract definition is as follows: a brief summary that contains the most important aspects of research. It means that after reading an abstract academic supervisors should have a general understanding of what the student’s dissertation is about. An abstract provides information on what research methods were used, as well as the data about the object and subject of studies. 

A good abstract should be written according to the demands in terms of paper format and word count. It should sum up research and provide main conclusions on a given problem. Making an abstract, don’t give excessive information so as not to let supervisors feel confused. This type of academic paper has to focus on the most important points.

You can get more points by including a short discussion part into the abstract. Basically it concentrated on the importance of the given topic as well as its research. Make a couple of conclusions based on your studies and findings. A brief analysis of data sources will also be an advantage of your paper.

One of the most important things to understand is that an abstract is a separate self-sufficient paper that should contain a 100% unique content. According to academic regulations, it is forbidden to copy fragments of a student’s dissertation to put into an abstract. If a supervisor will find out that a text of a paper is not original the dissertation will not be accepted or receive a low score.

Moreover, it is not allowed to use quotations in PhD abstract. You can write about various data source that were used for research, but it must be original content created by a dissertation author. When selecting a specific word or term, ensure that it will be clear for those who will read a paper.

Students should remember that the most valuable section of an abstract is the one where their findings and conclusions are specified. Academic supervisors want to understand if a student’s research led to any positive results that could provide solutions to a problem that was analyzed in a PhD.    

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Tips on how long should a dissertation abstract be

The recommended dissertation abstract length is from 200 to 300 words (recommended amount is up to 270 words). Before starting to write, ask your supervisor to provide exact requirements and the strict word limit that must be observed by students. Because of these limitations it is important for an author to put a meaning into each word. Use the available online word count tool to make sure that your paper meets the requirements in terms of volume. Many universities impose strict requirements to a length of an abstract, so it will not be accepted even if it has just one excessive word.  

An abstract should be written with one of the standard font (recommended size – 12 points) and have the required margins between the lines as well as whitespaces. Make sure that a paper covers all basic aspects of a dissertation. Try to avoid philosophical sentences, an abstract has to be brief, clear, and concrete. It has to inform about the aims of research, methods that were implemented, a list of key findings made in a dissertation, and basic recommendations on how they can be utilized in practice. 

Remember that it is crucial to inform supervisors about the main aspects of your dissertation. Provide everything that would allow them to know what is to expect from your research project. If certain fragments of a dissertation will be a big surprise for them, it may lead to disappointment, and subsequently, a lower score.  

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Answering the question “how to write a dissertation abstract?”

Prior to start creating an abstract, analyze the requirements to its structure and select the research methods you are going to use. When writing a dissertation abstract, stick to a work plan that should be previously created. If a student works with a previously created outline it is always easier to get an assignment done. A good abstract always begins with a description of a problem that is analyzed in PhD. Have in mind that your paper has to be made in strict accordance with styling and formatting standards. 

Look through your dissertation to underline the most essential aspects of it. Try to figure out what is a subject and what is an object of research. List the scientific or scholarly methods that were used for studies. An excellent abstract in dissertation always contains a section with literature references as well as the detailed analysis of experts’ opinions on a given problem or a topic. In case you experience difficulties with making an abstract, you can always ask help of your supervisors or other members of a group. 

If you experience difficulties with creating an abstract for a dissertation, it is recommended to order writing services from a content creation agency. Professional writers know exactly how to represent your research paper with a brief description. Online custom content services do not ask customers to make advance payments. You will have a chance to review an abstract in your dissertation before paying money for it. 

Professional agencies offer an unlimited number of free paper revisions. If you need to change any word or sentence, feel free to request instant corrections. Besides, the online service allows customers to select an order executor from a list of qualified experts. Examine portfolios to make sure that the author you would like to work with have expertise in the field of your dissertation. 

Students should bear in mind that their dissertations will not get approved unless the abstracts of them are not written in correspondence with a full set of academic requirement and provided by the announced deadline.  

What should I keep in mind when writing an abstract for a dissertation?

In fact, writing an abstract for a dissertation is not an easy task. It requires detailed research of a paper in order to determine the most critical aspects of it. If you will just put random pieces of your dissertation to meet the length requirements, it is highly likely that you’ll get your whole topic research work spoiled. Think of each word carefully and reread it several times before submitting to a supervisor. 

To ensure that your paper is 100% unique, use online anti-plagiarism services. Remember that an abstract is a so-called showcase of a dissertation, so that it should be of a top-notch quality. Abstract of PhD dissertation has to contain all required components and meet all academic requirements. This paper that is also often called a literature review must contain at least two paragraphs. 

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Experts create perfect papers on various subjects and topics in which almost every word have a significant meaning. If you decide to order an abstract writing, provide a writer with materials of your dissertation. It is also very important to specify the requirements of your university in detail, so that the writing expert will be able to adopt it for your specific needs.

Thus, an abstract is an academic paper that can be referred to as a short summary of an academic dissertation. To get a good grade it has to contain the key elements, such as a purpose of research, a general importance of a studied problem, methodology, and findings based on which an author can make proposals for possible changes and improvements.