Black Elk Speaks

Social Ethics in Black Elk Speaks by John NeihardtName: Institution: Abstract Literature is a reflection of society. It provides an account of the experiences and struggles of people in a particular period. In America, the contemporary readers have used ancient works of literature to understand their history. These writings are based on what the authors felt, saw or experienced during their time. The periods of colonization and slavery, in particular, documents two of the most important periods in the American history. Stories that were written during this time conveyed messages of oppression, conflict, hatred and social injustices. Black Elk Speaks perfectly fits this category. The novel...

Analyzing a Poem

Name Instructor Course Date Love is Not All by Edna St Vincent Millay Poems are created and narrated for a variety of purposes based on the poet’s objectives, based on the life experiences or fiction ideas. The poet uses numerous stylistic devices to convey the message effectively while sending the right message and reflections of the idea to the audience. In Edna’s poem, Love is not all, the fascinating reflection of love in the life is well portrayed. It makes it interesting since love is one of the most controversial feelings and topic among many, hence applies directly to the daily lives. Moreover, the poet used various artistic styles that are attractive to the audience like...

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