The properties and applications of supercritical carbon dioxide

The Properties and Applications of Supercritical Carbon dioxide Abstract In chemical sciences, a supercritical fluid is defined as any substance for which the pressure and temperature conditions that are required to maintain its original molecular integrity are beyond critical levels. Supercritical fluids are popular both as solvents and as anti-solvent in processing polymers. Supercritical fluids play an important role in polymer modification, blending of polymers, particle production, in the formation of polymer composites. Moreover, different studies suggest that the qualities of polymers that are processed with SCF are significantly higher than the quality of their counterparts that are...

Development of Low Fat Fried Fish by using a protein based Edible Coating and Batter Modifiction X

AbstractThe unprecedented rise of obesity is augmented by the unique and sensory characteristics imbibed in the food due to the process of deep fat frying. Deep fat frying is a cooking method that involves the submerging of food products into burning hot oil in a deep fryer until the minimum internal temperature of the product is considered safe. Incredibly fast and efficient, this procedure is associated by public health researchers and practitioners as a root cause for coronary diseases, attributable to the increased uptake of fat and loss of moisture content by the respective food sample. The use of the deep frying method as a means of cooking certain kinds of food especially fish increases...

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