Cost of High Education for Low-Income Students

Abstract The research focuses on the cost of high education in relation to low-income students. The research will demonstrate that number of students in higher education institutions depends on the amount charged for the acquisition the education. When the price is high, the students with low income cannot afford to pay the price and hence low population in the higher learning institutions. On the other hand, when the cost of high education is low, many low-income students can afford the price and hence an increased number of students in the institutions. The research is important since it will also focus on the strategies that can be used to solve the low population resulting from the high cost...

CRISPR CAS 9 use to characterize Kenyan filamentous Fungi

Abstract Studies suggest that there has been a rapid increase in number of fully sequenced fungal genomes. However, most genomic tools that are use to sequence and understand the features of fungal genome are poorly developed. Hence, there is a strong necessity for developing versatile methods for genetic manipulation of non-model filamentous fungi. The CRISPR-Cas9 genomic system has been used to sequence to filamentous fungi. The system is used to administer RNA-directed mutagenesis by transforming a target fungus with the help of a single plasmid. The CRISPR-Cas9 genomic system contains four CRISPR-Cas9 vectors. These vectors are equipped with common fungal markers which allow the selection of a...

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