Investigating the effects of User Experience on E-commerce Websites

INVESTIGATING THE EFFECTS OF USER EXPERIENCE ON E-COMMERCE WEBSITES By (Name) Course Professor’s Name Institution City and State Date Introduction to the Discussion The following section is a discussion of the literature review, findings and the outcome of the experience that the users have on the e-commerce website. In the previous sections, the literature review showed the aspects of the problem that are used in the problematic areas of the e-commerce websites. The main research problem in the dissertation is the investigation of the user experience in the e-commerce websites. This discussion will get more of the issues that have been found in the literature and findings with the...


Title: Thesis – Key findings Name: Institution: Introduction This research seeks to establish whether there exist sufficient legal measures and systems protecting e-business. At the same time, the research endeavors to find out whether, when these legal measures do exist, they provide a level playing ground for all business, whether conventional or e-commerce, in a manner which could materially contribute to social and economic development. To guide the research, the research question is: What legal measures and systems exist to protect e-business, and are they sufficient to achieve economic and social objectives of business? Methodology In addressing these objectives, the paper aims to...

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