Investigating the effects of User Experience on E-commerce Websites

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Investigating the effects of User Experience on E-commerce Websites

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INVESTIGATING THE EFFECTS OF USER EXPERIENCE ON E-COMMERCE WEBSITES By (Name) Course Professor’s Name Institution City and State Date Introduction to the Discussion The following section is a discussion of the literature review, findings and the outcome of the experience that the users have on the e-commerce website. In the previous sections, the literature review showed the aspects of the problem that are used in the problematic areas of the e-commerce websites. The main research problem in the dissertation is the investigation of the user experience in the e-commerce websites. This discussion will get more of the issues that have been found in the literature and findings with the additional sources from THE ‘SCOPUS’ and ‘Business Source Complete.’ The literature review also states the factors that influence the experiences of the users. In addition to this, the discussion will address the functionalities that are enhancing the e-commerce websites and the reasons why they have been so successful all the time. The hypothesis of this study is that the customer’s experience in the B2B has to be addressed for the better performance and better user experiences (UX) in the e-Commerce web shops. The user experiences in the B2B have not been on the same wavelength as the other user experiences. As such, focus on the customer is the first initiative to bring the (UX) to the same level as the competitors as the user experiences are mainly dealing with the big companies. The following are the research…

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