A Report on Solar Photovoltaic Energy

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A Report on Solar Photovoltaic Energy

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Renewable energy refers to the kind of energy whose source does not get depleted when used. This includes energy obtained from wind and solar power. On the other hand, non-renewable sources of energy constitute the particular energy whose source gets depleted once the energy is produced. Some of the sources of non-renewable energy include coal and fossils. It is economical for various energy organs within different parts of the world to supply energy from renewable sources to address the increasing energy demand that must have resulted from reduced energy being obtained from non-renewable sources that are at the threat of depletion. St. Eustatius Island is a Caribbean Island that is undergoing an energy supply deficit. This research, therefore, aims at showing how feasible it is to use photovoltaic energy and energy storage to meet the electrical energy demand of St. Eustatius Island. This particular research study is built on the findings obtained from the literature review. There is a lot of literature available that talks about not only the use of solar power but also the various factors that are essential in both the production and maintenance of the power plant. The research study was conducted in different stages. After the conduction of the reconnaissance in the identified research field, there was a groundwork study stage. Groundwork stage aimed at observing different variables such as the natural environment within the area of the study. The precise factors that were aimed at during the groundwork stage included…

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