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Compare and contrast the basic tenets of both traditional and community-based styles of policing. How is traditional policing different from community-based styles of policing? In both forms of policing, the officers receive calls and offer their responses. The traditional system was characterized by reactive bureaucracy and stringent management while the community-based style encompasses dynamism, transparency, and integration with the community (Cox, Marchionna & Fitch, 2015). The traditional system also received calls, offered responses, and closed the cases. The community-based style, on the other hand, placed never closed cases but rather compared them to other occurring cases to form a basis for issues. Describe some of the strategies associated with Problem-Oriented Policing. Some of the strategies encompassed in problem-oriented policing are similar to those in community policing. They include the adoption of holistic approaches, coordination with members of the public and security agencies to generate viable solutions to current security issues (Cox, Marchionna & Fitch, 2015). Problem-oriented policing encourages integration with members of the society encouraging participation to enhance security and relationships with the community. Debate the criticisms of community policing; what are some of the criticisms of community policing? Some of the criticisms in community policing erupt from the traditional notions accorded to them. Some criticisms include the use of excessive force, minority discrimination,…

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