Women equality

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Women equality

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Women Equality Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Women Equality Gender Equality is a state of acquiring equal ease in access to opportunities and resources regardless of gender. It includes decision-making and economic participation; as well as the condition of valuing various behaviors, needs equality and aspiration in spite of gender. Gender equality is also referred to as sexual equality. It is the equality that exists between both men and women. It involves the concept which states that all human beings have the freedom to make their choices and establish their abilities without any limitation that is set by strict gender role, stereotypes and prejudices. Basing on the issue of gender equality, the society has considered women to be the lesser gender for a long time. The question concerning women equality has been mostly debated topics for some years in the society. It started with the meaning of a man as well as a woman’s right, morality, and a woman’s responsibility in the society. According to the traditional ideas concerning the role of women and girls in the community, there is a restriction for them to contribute to essential development goals. For instance, in economic growth, education as well as food and nutrition security. Breaches are seen in ethical behavior within women’s equality whereby there are sexual harassment and mistreatment taking place. Women long for the same treatment as men since they have equal right in workplaces as men. Some people misunderstand that with the right they…

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