Women Empowerment in Pakistan

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Women Empowerment in Pakistan

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Name: Professor: Institution: Date: Abstract Pakistan has been among the counties that rank the poorest in gender equality. The percentage of women that are educated and those that are in the workforce are still deficient. Additionally, the number of women in leadership in government agencies and the legislative body is lower than the recommended ratio. There is the need to promote women empowerment in the country. This paper addresses essential issues concerning women empowerment. It will define the role of international organization and assess the progress of the nation in implementing the recommendations. It will provide a brief history of the status of women in Pakistan. The paper also provides an in-depth assessment of the current state of women in the country. It will also highlight some of the progress achieved in the country. Further, the paper also provides a few recommendations that should be implemented to aid in solving the current challenges faced by women. Women Empowerment in Pakistan Definition Women empowerment is the advocacy of the freedoms and rights of women to match those of their male counterparts. In various regions around the world, women are not offered the same opportunities as their male counterparts. In some countries, the women’s freedoms are limited to a point where they feel oppressed. Although the limitation of women’s freedoms and opportunities mostly occurs in developing nations, it is also common to find such challenges in the developed world. The United Nations states…

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