Wine Marketing

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Wine Marketing

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Wine Marketing 1.0 Introduction 1.1 Wine Events and Shows Events and shows are important strategies of marketing products in specific target markets. Research in this field has realized a significant growth in the recent past given the fact these marketing strategies influence the growth of the economy. Businesses use events and shows as a means of regeneration and economic development not only to raise market awareness but also for reposition or position destination. This tool of marketing a brand allows entrepreneurs to get insight into consumer behavior, buying trends, and competitors’ way of doing business (Huang, 2011). These occasions also facilitate interactions between businesses and new clients. In this era of globalization, most companies invest extensively on events, shows, and festivals not only to attract prospective clients but also to form networks that are essential in growing their brands. In the wine industry, festivals and hosting events promote wine tourism which is essential in the marketing of the products. Wine festivals create opportunities for businesses to raise awareness about a particular product and its destination region (Kruger, Rootenberg & Ellis, 2013). For instance, wine festivals in Western, South Africa, and East Asia have encouraged an increase in the consumption of different wine products. Besides creating awareness, wine shows, events, and festivals have reduced the cost of product distribution due to the high demand for the goods. Business in the wine industry is…

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