Board Composition And Information Security In The Banking Sector

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Board Composition And Information Security In The Banking Sector

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Board Composition and Information Security in the Banking Sector Name University BOARD COMPOSITION AND INFORMATION SECURITY IN THE BANKING SECTOR CHAPTER TWO LITERATURE REVIEW Corporate governance Corporate governance entails systems of rules, organizational practices, and processes through which a firm is controlled and directed (, 2017). The primary aim of cooperate governance is to balance the interests of the majority of stakeholders in a given institution (Blackwell, 2002). Stakeholders in organizations include; customers, management, suppliers, finance providers, the central government and the community surrounding the organization (OECD, 2004). The corporate governance issues the acceptable frameworks for attaining the objectives of any given firm. In this case, the influence of corporate government involves all the spheres of management such as the action plans of an entity, the internal management unit, the performance measurement of the administration, and cooperate disclosure. According to (2017), corporate governance is the system through which corporations are controlled and directed. The shareholders provide appropriate management by appointing directors and company auditors (, 2017). Through this function, the shareholders are convinced that all the undertakings of the organizations will run to their satisfaction. The board has several responsibilities among them are; setting strategic goals of an organization, providing leadership that would execute the goals,…

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