Chapter 2 Ideas about Japaneseness Nihonjinron and Influences

Chapter 2: Ideas about Japaneseness, Nihonjinron, and Influences Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Abstract While the concept of Nihonjinron helped Japan navigate through the devastating post-war period, it encouraged the development of homogeneity influences that have affected society adversely. Precisely, Nihonjinron has encouraged the discrimination of minority groups such as Zainichi Koreans. Japanese homogeneity is a myth that encourages the suppression of indigenous people. The idea that the country is homogenous and the existence of ethnic discrimination is impossible due to the lack of diversity is central to the illusion of Nihonjinron. The illusion has encouraged...

Zainichi Korean in Japan

Author’s Name: Instructor’s Name: Course: Date: Zainichi Korean in Japan Introduction Speculations about the nature and origins of the people of Japan debates over their identity, their self-image construction, and their nation have been recurrent on the Japanese political and intellectual life over the decades. Recently, a literature genre commonly referred to as Nihonjinron has been used over the years to highlight these speculations. The western scholars have critically been scrutinizing this genre. To get an understanding of its context and to analyze what it says about the people of Japan, the scholars have focused on the nature of theories constructed, their self-imagery and...

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