Findings Analysis

Findings and Analysis As per the review of literature and studies, there is a delineation of the importance of understanding the context of power sharing. The concept is a set of principles that is practiced by an institution to allow all groups to participate in decision making of common issues (Akinele, 2000). The incentives used to address those that are vulnerable must be understood to prevent the emergence of conflict renewal. Most of the conflict(s) in Africa emerge from inequality and exclusion where some ethnic groups feel segregated from governance which inevitably leads to underdevelopment (Akinele, 2000). Similarly, the elections have often resulted in violence. This is because, despite...

Does Northern Ireland Peace Process offer a Model for Resolving Conflicts in Africa

DOES NORTHERN IRELAND OFFER A MODEL FOR RESOLVING CONFLICTS IN AFRICA? Name of Student Name of Course Date Does Northern Ireland Offer a Model for Resolving Conflicts in Africa? Theoretical Framework Human Needs Model by John Burton According to Burton’s Human Needs Model, conflict in the society is inevitable particularly when individuals or groups do not have the right(s) of security, identity, freedom or equality. The needs that appear ‘unmet,’ therefore, are classified under the category of those that led to the expected conflict. Burton’s model and theory reiterate that meeting the needs of human has a positive role(s) in the resolution of violence and conflict(s) (Demmers,...

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