Diverse students and underrepresentation in gifted programs

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Diverse students and underrepresentation in gifted programs

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Minority Cultural Bias Student Name Institution Date Literature Review – Minority Cultural Bias Deficit thinking and diverse student underrepresentation Ford et al (2002) posit that deficit orientation is a contributing factor to diverse students’ low representation in gifted programs. The ‘deficit thinking’ as presented by Ford et al (2002) denotes bias and teacher attitudes that affect their ability to recognise students deserving inclusion in gifted education. Irizarry (2015) and Holt (2008) present a similar view with Ford et al, with both determining stereotypes and the attitude of teachers often lead to prejudiced exclusion, from gifted programs, of diverse students. In their study aimed at demonstrating how increased inclusion of African American learners in programs for gifted students, Ford & Grantham (2003) establish that this group is likely to encounter 50-70% underrepresentation. This is the result of deficit thinking among teachers, causing them to have low or negative expectations among diverse students. Negative perceptions by diverse students that cause underrepresentation Ford, Grantham &Whiting (2008) establish that negative racial identity and achievement-related attitudes contribute to underrepresentation of gifted black students. It is an issue of students holding themselves back as explained by some attitudes and behaviours that contribute to the achievement gap. ‘Acting White’ was first mentioned in Ogbu & Fordman (1986), and is a connotation of diverse students…

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