Japanese Society – Globalization in Modern Japan

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Japanese Society – Globalization in Modern Japan

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The thesis proposal on Japanese society The duality of the process of self-identification of the Japanese, belonging to both the West and the East, makes them think about their identity and clarify it. At different periods of their history, the Japanese have repeatedly faced the need to approach the present and, in this connection, clarify the specifics of their self-identification. And each time it happened during the periods of internationalization, which were accompanied by the intervention of "foreign" value systems and their pressure on the traditional regulatory systems of the Japanese, prompting them to determine who "We" and who are "They". Each of the three internationalization of Japan (during the Meiji era, during the occupation, and today under the influence of globalization) was accompanied by a powerful information value war. And yet, in the mass consciousness of the Japanese, the basic meaningful clasps that have deep socio-cultural and archetypal bases are preserved, which together form the ideal type of Japanese with the autonomy of thinking, with exceptional adaptive abilities for cultural interventions and the twists of fate, while retaining primarily the "non-economic" nature of social interaction (Lukacs 241). The Japanese themselves write a lot about the problem of their identity, and the word "identity" has become firmly embedded in the Japanese language. However, as the Japanese proverb says, "at the foot of the lighthouse it is dark" (Daito moto Kurasi), i.e., the true position is visible from…

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