Literature Review on Language Variation

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Literature Review on Language Variation

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Literature Review on Language Variation Between any two speakers of a given language, there exists a type of variation in how the language is used between them. For instance, the variation may be demonstrated by the difference in linguistics by the sound, phonetically, or by the structure, grammatically. Holmes & Wilson (2017), in their book An introduction to sociolinguistics, say that in some cases, there might be slight variations, like in grammatical structure or in slight changes in pronunciations; which do not hinder intergroup interactions. The act of studying the relationship between society and language is, thus, referred to as sociolinguistics. The study of sociolinguistics is of great significance to sociolinguistics students and a good reference point for applied linguistics, linguistics, just as much as in the study of the English language. In discussing language variation, through which the author looks into the social aspects which impact on the choice of language within a society, Chambers & Schilling (2013) first acknowledges that language variations occur from one place to another, a specific social group to another, or one given the situation to another. Some of the authors, for instance Wardhaugh (2011), when explaining the criticalness of explaining geographical considerations in language variations, he says “Those who seek to investigate the possible relationships between language and society must have a twofold concern: they must ask good questions, and they must find the right kinds of…

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