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Proposal Student’s Name Course Title Professor’s Name Date of Submission Medication adherence explains the degree to which persons take medicines as recommended. Medication Adherence for HIV patients in sub-Saharan African has been low due to various factors including culture, stigma, lack of knowledge about status, cost of transportation to the hospital and other issues. This problem results in health complications such as drug resistance, hospitalizations, mortality, disease progression, mortality, and increasing healthcare costs. Even though ideal adherence can be achieved regardless of available resources, long-term medication adherence has been a challenge in sub-Saharan Africa. Barriers to optimal adherence include individual (biological, socio-cultural, behavioral), pharmacological and societal factors (Bijker et al., 2017). Mortality and morbidity that occurs as a result of drug resistance in sub-Saharan Africa are immense. There is a need to address the various challenges that make people in this region fail to take HIV medications as they are required. This issue deserves attention since HIV continues to spread and to affect the young people in these countries. Healthcare providers are the change agents to address this problem. Counselling is important for people who are diagnosed with HIV since it helps them to understand the magnitude of the problem. Healthcare providers are responsible for providing an intervention that would assist patients to understand the importance of medication adherence. …

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