The influence of christianity on kamba marriage customs

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The influence of christianity on kamba marriage customs

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DISSERTATION PROPOSAL by (Name) The Name of the Class (Course) Professor (Tutor) The Name of the School (University) The City and State where it is located 03 February 2018 Dissertation Proposal The spread of Christianity on African continent and its interaction with local ethnical groups created unusual forms of practice of religious customs on the continent. One of the most multiethnic countries in Africa is Kenya which is a home for hundreds of nations one of which is Kamba people. The religious distribution of this small nation (almost 3 million inhabitants) is quite equally divides it between Christianity and local religions and worships. The inclusion of Christian elements into the nation customs affected the both parts of the nation (Namoobe, 1999, 51). As marriage traditions tend to be one of the most important in sociocultural landscape of nations the purpose of the dissertation is to find out the influence of the interaction of Christianity and local cults onto this part of the cultural life of the people. The first aim of the study is to find how Christianity affected local marriage tradition and what elements it brought to the custom. The second aim is to check how traditional Christian marriage tradition was adapted by the Christian community of the nation and what local specifics it has. The tree points to be discussed in the paper are: Christian tradition disrupted local marriage custom and assimilated it to the colonial European tradition (Parsitau, 2007, 114; Gathogo, 2014, 1508) The…

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