Care management for patient with hyperlipidemia

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Care management for patient with hyperlipidemia

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Care Management for Patient with Hyperlipidemia Name Institution Affiliation Date Introduction Provision of healthcare services serves a crucial role in enhancing the quality of life. Different conditions result in severe effects to individuals is causative factors to the increase in the mortality rates. Healthcare centers strive in the provision of medical services not only to the low-income earners but also to the underserved patients. Numerous communities often report inadequate screening levels of the hyperlipidemic condition. Improving the control rates and management plan for hyperlipidemia can enhance the quality of life. Age factor and obese state are the risk factors for the coronary disease. According to the case, the patient’s BMI is 31 which demonstrate the overweight condition of the patient. The paper explores the hyperlipidemia condition as well as its management plan. Pharmacological and non-pharmacological approaches are also apparent in the paper. Nutrition Management Plan for Hyperlipidemia Nutrition plays a critical role in the primary care management of the hyperlipidemia. The condition can lead to cardiovascular disease which causes adverse health effects. Non-pharmacological forms of therapy have been vital in the management of hyperlipidemia. An individual should consume a balanced diet with a reduced concentration of the cholesterol. An individual should consume 1.5 oz of the almonds each day. Soy protein is also an essential dietary supplement for the hyperlipidemia. Flavonoids and…

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