Child Development

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Child Development

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A child's development is connected to various behaviors and activities that children engage in during their unstructured time. Child development is usually difficult to define due to complexities in the behavior. However, play is an important aspect of a child's physical, emotional, cognitive, and social development. Play accounts for a greater proportion of primary school and preschool children exposed to different physical opportunities. The time spent by children in outdoor activities in the school environment contributes greatly to their development as well as exposing children to other physical opportunities. The frequency and duration of play enable children to develop physical and social skills due to interaction in several unstructured groups (Ridgers et al., 2011). This paper will conduct a study on children's behavior in a school environment, that is, a playground to determine its effect on children's behavior development. The study includes an observational study of children's behavior at the playground that involves the recording of naturalistic behavior that can be observed in structured settings. The children's behavior is compared to a similar context to deduct comprehensive results. The study involves children between 5 and 11 years who access school playground often. The children at this age are not allowed to remain in class during playtime. Therefore, children between 5 and 11 years interact regularly on playgrounds which has a significant impact on their physical, social, emotional, and cognitive…

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