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Discussion Questions Name Institution Discussion Questions: How Nurses Identify Knowledge Relevant in Clinical Practice The challenge of translating research findings into a clinical element of practice among nurses is a major challenge faced by the nurses within the industry. Ideally, most of the information presented in the databases may not be comprehensive and self-explanatory as most would expect. Therefore, a good nurse will identify the relevant information from the findings by exploring the coverage of the research indicated in the time constraints, consistency as well as the accuracy of the data. Similarly, making an inference to the same system would consider identifying specific population sample utilized in the research settings. The concern, in this case, is to use the evidence-based approach to recognize the relevance of any findings (Burns & Grove, 2010).  What Critical Thinkers Look for in Evidence-Based Practice A critical thinker would identify the main elements of study in sample size, the integrity of the researcher, scientific methods applied in the collection as well as the coherence of the data. Thus, it would be ideal to monitor the design of presentation adopted within the same mechanism. The reason for considering these factors is to ensure that the research has a direct link to the functionality of the clinical systems. Credibility and Clinical Significance on Evidence-Based Practices Incorporating evidence identified in the research findings as credible is a crucial aspect of…

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