Dissertation Chapter 3 – Psychoanalysis and Addiction

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Dissertation Chapter 3 – Psychoanalysis and Addiction

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CHAPTER 3: RESEARCH METHOD 3.1. Chapter Overview This chapter describes the research methodology that would be implemented for the proposed study. The chapter initiates with a restatement of the problem statement and purpose for which the study would be undertaken. The initial section also highlighted the justification for exploring the effectiveness of psychoanalysis approach as the treatment modality for managing substance abuse in preference to other psychotherapy approaches. The subsequent sections describe the study population and sampling strategies that would be undertaken for selecting and analyzing the necessary data. The first section described the study design and sampling procedure for collecting the relevant data. This section also described the theoretical and conceptual framework for selecting the specific study design. In this study, a mixed methodology approach would be undertaken. Under this section, power analysis subsection provided the framework for estimating the sample size and power for the study. The next section described the instruments that would be used to collect the necessary data. The section too was backed by the framework based on which the data collection procedures were selected. Both primary and secondary data would be critiqued to answer the research questions of this study. Psychoanalysis-based therapies help to unfold the root cause of any psychopathic disorder. Although different psychotherapy approaches are based on the behavioral outcomes across concerned stakeholders,…

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