Effectiveness of Customer Loyalty

Hypotheses Ho – Improvements in customer service have no impact on the reputation, credibility, and overall functionality of the Lin Tai Fung restaurant. This means that improvements in customer service will not boost the effectiveness and the performance of the Ling Tai Fung restaurant. H1 – The positive hypothesis is that customer service has a fundamental impact on the performance and the effectiveness of the restaurant. This means the restaurant should invest in customer service towards the realization of better performance and improved productivity. Discussion of Survey Findings and Conclusion Customer service in the food and beverage industry centers on creating an appropriate...

A study of the effects of information overflows among tourists

A study of the effects of information overflows among tourists The presence of the internet, as well as other self-service technologies in the tourism industry, has made it easier for tourists to access any sort of information that they desire. However, the internet has a lot of information that creates the problem of information synergy or overload. Too much information is a problem for tourists since they are unable to select the most desired destinations due to having too many options to choose from. The Islamic tourism that occurred in Saudi Arabia during Hajj is an example of the magnitude and the confusion that can arise for people willing to visit pilgrimages. This research aims to identify...

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