DQ3 Public Speaking

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DQ3 Public Speaking

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Public Speaking
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Understanding in Presentation Aids
Human communication is a very complex process which requires a comprehensive strategy to deliver in order to lessen misunderstandings (Garcia-Retamero & Galesic, 2010). Even though it is true that impressive visual presentations won’t rescue a poor speech, it is crucial to understand that a good speech will be understood better if it is combined with the application of strategic presentation aids. Presentation aids help the audience to understand the information conveyed better by the speaker enhancing the memory and retention of the audience. Moreover, the presentation aids will aid in improving the credibility of the speaker while adding variety and interest to the delivered speech hence resulting in a better understanding of the audience.
It is crucial to know that misunderstandings normally occur in public speak as they do in everyday conversations. One of the major goals of a speaker is to help the audience to understand the message delivered. To minimize the occurrences of misunderstanding, presentation aids are applied for either clarification or emphasis purposes. Presentation aids are applied to define particular technical terms and display images which involve the theme to make it simpler for the audience to easily understand. On the other hand, the will highlight the new points requiring emphasis with appropriate phrases or images and will enable the speaker to indicate the sequence through links the points to express the intended message to the audience.
Presentation aids enhance understanding by the audience since they are appealing to the audience. Attractiveness draws interest from the audience enabling them to be attentive to the speaker. On the other hand, when the presentation aids applied are appropriate and relevant to the topic presented by the speaker, it makes the speech entertaining making the audience to be active during the presentation. Therefore, application of presentation aids enhances understanding through making the members be active thus, avoiding any distractions lessening the impacts of poor message delivery.
Garcia-Retamero, R., & Galesic, M. (2010). Who profits from visual aids: Overcoming challenges in people’s understanding of risks. Social science & medicine, 70(7), 1019-1025.

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