Drug Addiction and Psychoanalysis

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Drug Addiction and Psychoanalysis

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Addiction and Psychoanalysis (Chapter 2) Name Institution Table of Contents TOC o "1-3" h z u HYPERLINK l "_Toc516729978" Abstract PAGEREF _Toc516729978 h 3 HYPERLINK l "_Toc516729979" 2.1 Statement of Purpose and Structure PAGEREF _Toc516729979 h 4 HYPERLINK l "_Toc516729980" 2.2 Literature Review PAGEREF _Toc516729980 h 5 HYPERLINK l "_Toc516729981" 2.2.1 Drug Addiction PAGEREF _Toc516729981 h 5 HYPERLINK l "_Toc516729982" 2.2.2 Addiction Affecting Human Lives PAGEREF _Toc516729982 h 6 HYPERLINK l "_Toc516729983" 2.2.3 Dynamics of Treating Drug Addiction PAGEREF _Toc516729983 h 7 HYPERLINK l "_Toc516729984" 2.2.4 Psychoanalysis and Implication for Human Life PAGEREF _Toc516729984 h 10 HYPERLINK l "_Toc516729985" 2.2.5 Curing Drug Addiction with Psychoanalysis PAGEREF _Toc516729985 h 12 HYPERLINK l "_Toc516729986" (a) Technological advancement. PAGEREF _Toc516729986 h 12 HYPERLINK l "_Toc516729987" (b) Psychotherapy and counselling. PAGEREF _Toc516729987 h 14 HYPERLINK l "_Toc516729988" (c) Brain and psychoanalysis. PAGEREF _Toc516729988 h 15 HYPERLINK l "_Toc516729989" (d) Behavioral dynamics. PAGEREF _Toc516729989 h 17 HYPERLINK l "_Toc516729990" 2.2.6 Complementary Therapies and Interventions PAGEREF _Toc516729990 h 18 HYPERLINK l "_Toc516729991" (a) Pharma-therapy. PAGEREF _Toc516729991 h 18 HYPERLINK l "_Toc516729992" (b) Personal preferences. PAGEREF _Toc516729992 h 20 HYPERLINK l "_Toc516729993" (c) Treating Addiction. PAGEREF _Toc516729993 h 21 HYPERLINK l "_Toc516729994"…

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