Dubai Airline

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Dubai Airline

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Dubai Airport Author’s Name Institutional Affiliation Occupational Fatigue risk management principles and practices adopted by Dubai airline industry and the resulting implications on airport working personnel Summary One of the major risks that the aviation management personnel in Dubai is fatigue. If fatigue is discussed concerning many other occupations, then it is a non-issue but for industries like aviation that majorly have to guarantee the security of the passengers and other flight operations. Fatigue is a very significant risk that has to be tackled. The aviation employees, from the security personnel, pilots, cabin crews and the flight attendees face fatigue as a result of many causes. The causes can be; long working hours, the unregulated working or duty times, frequent night shifts and the possibility of constant disruptions when sleeping. Pilot fatigue, in particular, can be very disastrous as they have to fly the planes. The pilots have the duty to safely guarantee the passengers that they will arrive at their destinations without any risks. The life of the passengers depends majorly on the pilots. The flight attendants have to be with passengers at all times and make sure the passengers are comfortable. Dubai aviation industry has the engineers who at all times have to look at the planes and other machinery within the aviation industry to guarantee the safety of all employees. The planes, in particular, have to be checked by the engineers before takeoff, and on landing, they are checked to by them…

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