Education leadership

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Education leadership

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Education Leadership Student's Name Institution Chapter 1: INTRODUCTION Abstract Introduction of a new curriculum in Californian secondary schools is mandatory to respect the existence of the Fair, Accurate, Inclusive and Respectful (FAIR) Act Education Law in California. The study centers on a new curriculum that includes students from the LGBT community. Expectedly, discrimination (and segregation) of these students have projected into bullying, enmity, and seclusion as the LGBT students experience uncontrollable instances of homophobia. With the FAIR Education Act, both heterosexual and homosexual students are covered in the bracket thus, reducing any chance(s) of seclusion. Implementation of the Act by law means that same-sex preferences are recognized. The study’s problem statement is precise and concise as it offers an understanding of this study, its scope, and general content. It is, in fact, a summarized version of the dissertation since it delves into 1) implementation of the FAIR law Education Act and 2) LGBT and controversial curriculums. Notably, this study requires a conceptual framework that looks into the theories involved in the topic’s evolution and development. The Queer Theory, Feminist Theory and Sigmund Freud’s Psychoanalytic Theory will offer a theoretical base for the examination of this study’s topic. There is an incorporation of controversial curriculums such as Afro-American social science and Native American. These are implemented to extrapolate the impact(s) of prejudice,…

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