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Video Discussion 1

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Business Studies Video Discussion 1 Chapter 1. A company's business model; in the video, Simon Sinek describes a business model as a way through which a company generates, captures and delivers value in different contexts such as economic, cultural and social perspective, and it can also be part of business strategy. Primarily business model can be used to refer to essential business features such as the target customers and other operational processes (Sinek, 2009). The idea of business model has been merged with accounting standards and is used in determining whether some assets should be measured in fair value or remunerated costs. Realized Strategy; this is the strategy that guides the firm in its operation. A realized strategy always comes from the company’s intended strategy as the firm still recognizes its strength from what it is doing. A company like Apple started by making great and beautifully designed computers and by venturing into other business like making, iPad, iPhone which is a realized strategy gave them an advantage over other software companies, and they have been able to earn their customer's trust from the realized strategy. Chapter 2. Company Values; they are the essential beliefs of a company. The values are guiding principles, and they determine how the firm is being run. A company's values help the company in determining whether it is on the right track and whether it is meeting its goals or it's going off the track. A company's core values help the company in remaining in its line of…

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