Gender and class

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Gender and class

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Q.2.Gender and Class
The discussion on inequality has attracted the sociologists who have worked hard to find out how societal differences contribute to life chances in the society. Gender and class have been among the differences that determine how the society allocates chances and opportunities to its people. Then, this is quite admissible that both gender and class have been at the frontline in determining how the society treats people. Often, members of a certain class and gender have been treated differently regarding income, labor division, role assignment, resource allocation among the opportunities available in the society. The group cannot access services, good jobs and good living standards like their male and high-class counterparts. Therefore, the view of people based on the gender and class can be attributed to social, economic and political effects that lead to an unequal society for all Americans.
The issue of class has been viewed based on the economic status of the different people which includes a person’s accessibility to education, income, and other resources. Despite the American dream that assures anyone of success if they work hard, research shows that the economic mobility in the United States is limited for the poor (Child Poverty and Intergenerational Mobility 3). Research indicating poverty and inequality on the big city populations shows high unemployment, slow job growth, and housing problems as common problems (Linda 20). The research has been able to reveal that the poor Americans live in neighborhoods that are economically disadvantaged. On the other hand, the Americans who earn highly live in neighborhoods that are affluent and gated communities (Linda 20). There are various circumstances in which the class has found its way influencing how people are treated. In the judicial system, as the rich get acquitted of the offense, the poor get punished for lack of ability to hire expensive lawyers to defend them. In the employment, the poor are given low pay as compared to the rich who earn huge salaries despite doing heavy jobs (Linda 24). The poor have no access to the standard health care as compared to the rich who often are covered by the healthcare policy insurance.
The issue of gender has become common in the American society, and the research has been able to link gender and the different roles men and women play. For example, a survey of the high school seniors indicates then 40 percent feel that male should take charge of making important family decisions (Tori 1). There have been allegations indicating men in various capacities, in politics, media, and entertainment about their sexual misconduct that signify the gender inequality. The issues of gender inequality have been reported in workplaces, education places, and social places and across the American society. In the employment sector, research has indicated a significant increase in the women participating in the labor workforce (McGinn, Kathleen, and Eunsil 84). However, most of the jobs undertaken by women are tradition and often earn them the minimal amount of money. Also, the number of women participating in education has risen, but this has not guaranteed women of better employment opportunities. The society today has “sameness taboo” that creates a gap between men and women. This allows men and women to be treated differently and in cases where they are performing same tasks, then tasks are given names that are different so as gender separation is maintained (Judith 5). Areas of healthcare have also reported the significant role of gender where men have received better services than women. Even women had to pay more for the health insurance than men, and this could not cover their maternity care and birth control (Kelli Garcia 1). In the sports, most times the success of women is often attributed to the effort of men, their father, husband, brother or the trainer in charge. For example, The Chicago Tribute while sharing news after Corey Cogdell winning a bronze medal, it referred to her as Bears lineman’s wife but not by her name (Katie Rogers 1).
As the American society continues looking at the American people through the lenses of gender and class, various consequences have emanated out of this perception. The common biggest consequences reported are those of poverty and the economic immobility of these groups (Linda 21). Based on the class, the poor or the low class are not properly integrated into the society, have no equal access to the benefits, status, as well as human capital that people need to afford such as education and healthcare. The rich often dominate the society making it hard for the poor to access the services they may need. Through isolation of women and the poor based on the gender and class, these people are less employed, earn less and have limited healthcare access. Therefore, the economic mobility of these groups of people is limited and often their economic status does not improve. It then leaves both the women and the poor leading a low standard life than their male or high-class counterparts.

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