Gender and class

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Gender and class

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Name Instructor Course Date Q.2.Gender and Class The discussion on inequality has attracted the sociologists who have worked hard to find out how societal differences contribute to life chances in the society. Gender and class have been among the differences that determine how the society allocates chances and opportunities to its people. Then, this is quite admissible that both gender and class have been at the frontline in determining how the society treats people. Often, members of a certain class and gender have been treated differently regarding income, labor division, role assignment, resource allocation among the opportunities available in the society. The group cannot access services, good jobs and good living standards like their male and high-class counterparts. Therefore, the view of people based on the gender and class can be attributed to social, economic and political effects that lead to an unequal society for all Americans. The issue of class has been viewed based on the economic status of the different people which includes a person’s accessibility to education, income, and other resources. Despite the American dream that assures anyone of success if they work hard, research shows that the economic mobility in the United States is limited for the poor (Child Poverty and Intergenerational Mobility 3). Research indicating poverty and inequality on the big city populations shows high unemployment, slow job growth, and housing problems as common problems (Linda 20). The research has been able to…

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